Almost time to say goodbye to 2007!

Being back at work today is extremely frustrating!! I long to be on the beach or to be back at home in JHB! Lying by the pool drinking a G&T with Mom and Dad! I must never do this again – go to work the day after coming back from Joburg – it is a killer – way too depressing – such a shock to the system!!

It was a great couple of days! The start and end was appalling – thanks to our bloody, incompetent, unpleasant, awful national carrier – South African Airways – you have to worst group of staff I have ever encountered. If you cant smile at your customers and be friendly at a time of year when everyone is feeling festive and excited – get another job – bunch of arrogant smug, stupid freaks!! Never, ever again – you cant even calm down when finally on your plane with a gin and Tonic – they no longer serve spirits, only warm old beer and shit cheap wine!! Shocking- South African Airways – flying from one of the best wine growing regions of the world and they serve cheap nasty rubbish with ice!! Never again. Kalula, One Time, British Airways – you now have my business. It may be only three or four trips a year – but I am consistent!

Time to be hopeful and happy and make plans for this year. Right now I cant, I am just too down!!

One last Christmas pic for the season:


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