The Day I began Yoga!

It has been a wonderfully productive, enlightening, healthy and successful week!
I started Yoga on Tuesday and have decided this is something I want to commit to for as long as possible. It is wonderful to feel my body working and getting stronger, moving in ways I haven’t moved since my grade school ballet days. I love how stiff my legs feel today after last night’s second gruelling session. Twice a week, two hours of goodness a week. What a wonderful find! There is no craving a glass of wine once I am home and I slept like a baby!
At work I seem to finally be finding my niche in this little community. Even though there are those who probably wish I wasn’t here, stirring up the status quo, introducing the most frightening concept of change! Challenging antiquated systems and refusing to be ignored. I have suffered much defeat, but slowly victories are coming my way!
I also started this week with a drastically new hair style. After 29 years of having long, unruly masses of long hair, I now have layers and sleek shoulder length hair – I love it!! It has given me the change I so badly needed!
It is Friday! Drinks after work, shopping for the Yoga gear tomorrow. Life is good!


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