Tears of rage in the traffic. Such a beautiful day – how I long for peace of mind. This man is driving me crazy. I think it is so easy to loose yourself in a relationship. Somehow it invades every aspect of your life, no matter how hard you try to keep it at home! I never wanted this – call me old fashioned – I never wanted to get stuck in a mundane domestic routine with the love of my life – I never wanted to live with him as his girlfriend. It has become almost toxic. It is so sad – I cant live without romance and spontaneity. I am sooooo sick of angry words, desperate pleas to hear me….

Yoga in an hours time – I want my worries to pour out my body, I want to sleep dreamlessly!


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  1. Hey DFT, thanks for the comment, I dont get many!! This whole house thing is a frekin tragedy, on the outside I am calm, rational being, on the inside I am screaming. Last night was the tipping point,(big fight)how you react (to lifes pressures) mirrors your personality and maturity. What saddens me, is that i dont like what I see in GF’s reactions. I hope and pray that we cross this bridgebelieve

    BUT buying a house/renovations in a relationship – figurative and literal – mean that we have come far along the realtionship path already. I am sticking it out to see post renovations, its tough, I cant lie. Here’s to hoping…

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