No More Mr nice guy!

Sorry my poor slow witted work colleagues – you never saw me coming. When for the hundredth time I mumbled ‘lending’ under my breath – as you were ‘borrowing out resources’ from your self appointed seat of authority. When I was browbeaten for keeping my comings and goings a top secret, breaking the fragile, personal and intimate connection of ‘the tiniest team that ever was’ consisting of ten. After all these wonderful little group sessions which occurs in the pit of disgust and grime, where the largest volume of drivel I have ever had the misfortune of hearing, oozes slowly out of your mouths, words hanging, mumbling – a language I have yet to comprehend. The time had come and you didn’t stand a chance. The bitch is back! I said my piece – in my world it translates as ‘keep the fuck out of my business’ but this had to be carefully phrased to be idiot proof and as transparent as your collective brain matter! It felt good. I have seriously had enough of these people.
There is smoke coming off the top of my head – I am like a well oiled machine today. All work and no play. The headphones are on and my face is set to ‘do not disturb or you will die’
I have cleaned my desk and ruthlessly attacked my stationary drawer. Nothing will prevent me from completing my to do list. Bring on the drivel and the pettiness because you haven’t seen anything yet!

I just received an email request – it’s a one liner – a beaut!

Note I are wanting our weekend report with late inclusive.” ?????@@#3$$%^^

I are wanting to clap you wiff the back of my foot!


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