Yes, Well, No, Fine

A bottle of Asara Merlot, a bowl of soup, a couple of strawberries and I was just fine! I have a clean house and perfection on every shelf!

Finally the sun is shining, albeit a rather chilly shine – it is very painful to think of the people up in Jozi wearing t-shirts and open toed shoes – my God they are probably even swimming!

Okay enough with the dwelling on what’s lacking, time for the inverse:
1. A truly wonderful and diverse family – I can swear in Lebanese, German and Greek
2. A lovely pair of Swarovski earrings from Dubai
3. A beautiful antique treasure chest which holds all my love letters and journals and the silliest things like an old cigarette box with my ex-boyfriends phone number and old till slips from nightclubs in London.
4. A collection of the most beautiful bottles of Champagne gathering dust – I will not touch them in my twenties!
5. I am still in my twenties
6. I am very happy with the effects yoga has had on my backside – it is quite remarkable – I may even splurge and get myself a sexy new bikini this summer.
7. I love reading and will always be grateful for the love of books instilled in me from a very young age – Thanks Mom
8. I can sms, do my make up and have a cup of tea sitting in traffic.
9. I am very good at rearranging furniture
10. I am a fantastic procrastinator!


4 thoughts on “Yes, Well, No, Fine

  1. Excellent list hun!

    I reckon we should all make lists like that of things we love about ourselves / are grateful for / make us realise how far we’ve come in lives, and then keep it somewhere to look at whenever we lose sight ourselves.

    Hope your dinner went well!!

  2. you keep mentioning things that remind me of myself!
    i’m sitting on a bottle of moet myself, through turning 30 and a whole bunch of other huge stuff, it’s still in the fridge…
    maybe to add some specialness to my very unspecial 31st coming up?
    yeah, i think i’ll do that.

  3. Good at rearranging furniture?
    Hmmm, this is a skill not to be underestimated…

    PS: I owe you a drink. Please let me know when I can eliminate the terrible guilt I’ll feel until I’m able to repay my debt. 🙂

  4. Martin – you can repay me by writing another blog entry!! 🙂
    It was lovely meeting you and am I sure we will meet again!

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