Why I love South Africa

I was tagged by Rox and doing this has cheered me up immensly!

Five Reasons Why I love South Africa

1. Our sense of humour

Sometimes we laugh at the silliest things, we make fun of each other and despite coming from a variety of different backgrounds, with diverse cultures, language and religions the average South African can easily crack a joke with a complete stranger!

2. Our sense of Justice

Very often I see the kindness and generosity of strangers assisting fellow South Africans. I have also witnessed the shared anger among people when someone, public or otherwise has been unfairly treated.

3. The humorous banter between cities

This was best encapsulated by the SAA ad. The Cape Tonian talking about the mountain and wine, The Joburg girl with her special brand of Sandton speak and the Durban surfer with his sunshine kissed blond hair.

4. Our adverts, the media

No one will ever forget the Vernon’s Koekemoers bombastic rise to fame based on a pair of shorts and a hairstyle – now embraced by Vodacom and Nandos.
The creation of the word ‘Snice’ thanks to KFC
The beautiful ad’s of Alan Gray and Investec and the thought provoking ads of Sasol.
There are many, many, more – I really think we can be proud of our advertising standards in this country.
Then there is our weird take on celebrities in this country – we just don’t stand for kissing ass if you are a celebrity. We do respect and offer our praise and support, but expect too much and think for one minute than you are better than the rest of us and we will be pissed! – It is so un-American and I love it!

5. The almost unbelievable natural Beauty

‘ I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land.’

Thabo Mbeki
An excerpt from ‘I am an African’

(I must add: Our Rugby players)

Okay – now I tag: Sunrise, Redframe and Louisa

1. Link back to the meme creator (Caz)
2. Link to the person who tagged you (me)
3. Link back to the originator of the positive SA blog movement (Cheap Thrills)
4. Give 5 reasons why you love SA
5. Tag at least 5 people


11 thoughts on “Why I love South Africa

  1. Cool list!! The SA sense of humour is something special! Also our ads… was in the states for a few months a while back and the ads were SOO BAD!!!! ours are intelligent!

  2. kickass, mofo!

    you chose some good reasons….i heart the fact that you heart our country so much!

  3. Thanks Po! I think it is amazing how they interpret the SA way so brilliantly!

    Thanks Caz – I loved your statement
    ‘SA always manages to shine at our darkest hour’ Very true

    Cheapthrills- shame on you! encouraging us all to be so optimistic!! 😉

  4. ooh how exciting, i’ve been tagged, and on one of my favourite subjects in the world!!! can’t wait to do this, gotta run now, and then figure out the link-bits (techno novice me!) so just hang in there please! x

  5. 302 – LOL! Thanks I have been busy listening! To be honest my heart breaks for this man – this speach was quite something!
    Oh well – we shall see…

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