and Happiness is…

A fire in September!


5 thoughts on “and Happiness is…

  1. DT, you need to teach me the art of grocery shopping… i never have bloody mary ingredients just lying around, even though it’s my favourite cocktail! and do you have a fireplace in your home? not fair! fab darling!

  2. Redframe – the Best thing about Bloody Mary ingredients is that once you have brought the essentials – it lasts for quite some time – I normally make them whenever I buy celery. (A bloody Mary without celery is just a crime!)
    Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, ground black pepper and salt – and of course tomato cocktail and a double shot of vodka. There are variations – but this makes me quite happy! So get shopping…no more excuses 😉
    302 – this has truly felt like the longest Winter of my life!

  3. even the darkest clouds pass. not that it makes for any consolation watching those greyed skies above while you patiently wait. and yes celery very/most important indeed.

    i remember a time when i worked on a project and all thru’ the months of may and june my wing men ( process and technical leads) would insist on sensibly starting all post work meetings with the ‘tomato’ soup.

    admittedly i seldom make it in the 302 lounge, i never have celery though a green onion twig makes for an unorthodox stir-er by way of substitution.

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