Bad deeds do not go unpunished

I suppose it is a bit of poetic justice. I had planned on blogging about my strategic plan of a reign of terror during my final month stint – but it wasn’t meant to be. Blog sites have been blocked by the almighty suppressor of firewalls and security checks! But all is not lost! I am happily sitting on beautiful wine farm enjoying the sunset and drinking a glass of wine! It is 06:45pm and still not dark – finally whispers of summer!

I was thrilled to read about one of 302’s marvelous cocktail creations under my humble name and I intend to enjoy one of these tomorrow evening, on the wine farm, watching the sun setting! Thanks 302!

All is well. (We have a new Health Minister)


3 thoughts on “Bad deeds do not go unpunished

  1. 302 – I wasn’t too sure after the first one – I think my measures may have been a bit off – but the second is lovely! Thank you for the suggestion! (I used Famous Grouse Malt- not a single malt, but I am thoroughly enjoying the stuff!)

    Louisa – I think I may have to rethink the reign of terror – I may have just been a wee bit over-excited 😉

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