Some strange things may appear

I am really bored with the look of my blog and intend to make changes. I am a complete moron when it comes to these things, but I am going to try my best.


4 thoughts on “Some strange things may appear

  1. I kinda somehow broke my blog a while ago, now I can’t do anything in the right side-bar (which is my very updatable area where I put books, causes and stuff and is now non-editable, lol).

    And I can’t find my login details for my ftp, so can’t do anything on the banner side either, sigh.

  2. Hell, DT, I dont have a clue, about shit, about blogs, i think the core is still the writing. I would like to spruce mine up a bit too though!

  3. Po – I just wish I knew how to do the fancy stuff!

    Rox LOL – I had wondered why your book never changed! Why are these things so complicated!

    Sunrise – I agree the writing is important, but this is a page where I spend a lot of time – I just wish it looked a bit more glam dammit!

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