Coffee and dirty thieves

I have just been robbed! BASTARDS stole my credit card from right under my unsuspecting nose! But HA the laugh is on them – I only had about R50 remaining credit and blocked the card in lightning seconds!! Dammit – this has just broken my crime free stay in Cape Town – but perhaps in Joburg I would have been a bit more cautious. I should have know that should two men smelling distinctively of a soap free bathing routine, standing around in a fancy coffee shop reading a newspaper practically in my lap that meant trouble – but noooooooo I was too consumed with irritation at how some people have no sense of person space!
Oh well, I have just been forced to curb my spending for a week – thanks assholes!


7 thoughts on “Coffee and dirty thieves

  1. Shame man – thats sucks. Crime sucks…grrrr….at least they cant spend any of your moola 🙂

  2. You gotta get your badge sometime, sux though. Try getting mugged bu 6 12 year old kids with bread knives, took my Tag, that was doubly bad, dented my ego (12 Year olds, damn) and my trusty ol’ vintage Tag, that stung super bad!

  3. ooh that sucks but at least you’ve managed to get it blocked quickly. now you get to deal with another bunch of crooks those banks.

  4. ah well, at least they didn’t actually *get* anything out of it….but you’re right, that is shitty.

    now you have to go to all the hassle of getting new cards etc…

  5. Rox – you are telling me…I will say it again – Bastards!

    Brazen – I know – all their evil actions amounting to nothing!!

    Sunrise – that sounds more irritating than anything, have a bit of a weapon and the world is a free shopping mall!

    Thanks Redframe, although I don’t really feel like I showed them anything, it was a bit like stealing candy from a baby!

    302 – I hate going to the bank, the last time I was at a bank was a year ago. I hate it , I hate it, I hate it- the biggest waste of time you can ever spend!

    ExMi – Yup it is a bloody hassle!

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