Thirty degree’s outside

Here it is – The final week of work. I am pretty excited, but it is getting to that time of year when the beaches call your name, when you find yourself sitting in rush hour traffic, experiencing a sudden unnerving envy for those camera laden, pink fleshed tourists; en route the V&A Waterfront to gawk at some fish life then perhaps indulge in some of the Cape’s wines, drinking up the scenery.

And then, should the rhythm get them – stop and watch a couple of African Dancers enthusiastically stomp the pavement, have an excessively large, cold German Beer with snacks of sausages and six different types of mustard. They might decide that before they check back into their hotel for poolside sundowners, perhaps a quick jaunt in Camps Bay would be nice, a walk along the beach with an ice-cream! Especially because it is, after all, a hot, sexy, delicious, windless day!

Then your envy becomes a little demon in its own right, and ideas of quitting the rat race and investing in a beach hut and a beaded necklace business, suddenly seems like a highly plausible option!


6 thoughts on “Thirty degree’s outside

  1. that beach hut sounds just fine to me. According to my computer it is 7 degrees outside my window today. AAARGH.

  2. Sigh… I can so totally agree with you DT!

    There was much discussion on the Hermanus weekend about beach bars and getting away from it all permanently, I think summer really brings those yearnings home bigtime.

    Hope this last week flies by super-fast!

  3. Rox – As long as it flies by but leaves the weather behind!

    I know Ches hard to believe – right now it is 28.3 to be exact!

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