The Random Thought Meme

I have been tagged by the vivacious ExMi and sweet Tay to do this meme: (ExMi recons I need this!)
Word for the week in my head…
Thought for the week in my head…
I am digging this job!
Thing for the week in my life…
GPS, I got soooo lost leaving town because I was trying to drive and read directions at the same time – it’s just not good enough – I need the real McCoy, someone to shout at me!
Song for the week in my head…
Every time someone says something about songs, off she goes again inside my head…or should I just keep chasing pavements…..I WANT TO SCREAM RIGHT NOW
Food for the week in my belly…
is absolute rubbish. I have been eating very little or utter crap. Today I had a cannoli for breakfast. (I really love saying that word,cannoli, cannoli, canolie. Seeing the word written is just not quite as powerful!)
Colour for the week in my life…
Black, always black, can’t escape the black…
Smile for the week on my face…
I can’t fit under my desk – my legs are too long! It is hysterical!
Blessing for the week in my heart
I am going home soon, to see my wonderful family and my gorgeous sweet dog! I really miss having a pet…

Okay – I am really not sure who has or hasn’t done this – but I tag Sunrise, Rox, Po and Redframe (Who I will forgive not doing it because her big day is right round the corner!)

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the meme creator (cathjenkin)
2. Link back to me
3. Share your random thoughts list
.4. Tag as many people as you like.


6 thoughts on “The Random Thought Meme

  1. coooool. i’m glad you did it!!!

    and i’m glad you like your job.

    and pasta for breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea!

  2. Ha DT, you totally underestimate the power of procrastination! Meme’s are perfect wastes of time when your to-do list is so long you want to run away… So I already did it, ta dah! Trying to figure out the linking business. Hang on.

  3. Ok, linking thing is too much for my hung-over brain… Just check my blog okay? You’ll find it. Couch time for me now, phew.

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