Not too much going on

I think I have indulged in enough dramatics for one week – I am making myself cringe.
It is so windy – I fear leaving this building and taking flight! It has been a very long day and now I am looking forward to a lovely dinner with a friend, a bottle of wine and a good night’s sleep!
As long as I make to my car in one piece.
The answer my friend is blowin in the wind…


5 thoughts on “Not too much going on

  1. Wine…! Sigh. I forgot to pick some up when I was grocery shopping, and really could have used it.

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day and all that!

    Hope you had a nice chilled one. 🙂

  2. Rox – I hope you remember today – you must celebrate midweek!

    Brazen – it has been hectic – I heard that someone’s roof blew off last night!

    Blade – you must have nerves of steel riding a bike in this craziness, hell my car barely stuck to the ground!

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