Bad Hair day

It is going to be a long day. I am looking forward to sushi at lunchtime but Mondays really do suck. Monday is a day of insignificance, a day you know you will probably achieve very little, make allowances and justify this fact – because let’s face it guilt on a Monday will really just cause unnecessary misery.
It was a lovely weekend. Being a somewhat shy and rather reserved person, having very sociable neighbors in Stellenbosch has been a very pleasant experience. I have also learnt what it means to truly Kuir – a marvelous Afrikaans word for socializing, getting together in a rather unorganized, casual, warm and seamless manner. Many discussions about pots and pans, where to buy the best produce, how to make curtains on the cheap and how much we hate noise on Saturday mornings. I also discovered a wonderful store –I was the only sorry ass female in the dark about this miracle place – Plastics for Africa. It is amazing – R8 for a plastic tub on a hook – I have no idea what I will use this wonderful perfectly pink plastic bucket for – but I just know it will come in handy!
The weekend was sadly ruined by a really bad haircut – my hairdresser is German and I think he misunderstood me when I carefully mentioned that I wanted to keep my hair long! I hate it – I look ridiculous with a head of a thousand curls. I am going to have to do maintenance in the mornings – irons and blow dryers and shit – I hate hair maintenance!

Okay Monday you can finish now.


9 thoughts on “Bad Hair day

  1. ooooh I have a similar shop nearby and I end up buying the most bizarre crap. I don’t need half of it but am convinced I will use it some day… hee hee!

  2. Tay I am a just a terrible compulsive shopper and to make matters worse I cant seem to throw anything away!

  3. hee hee, I suffer from the same disease! Nevermind DT, we’ll find use for the random stuff we buy ONE DAY….ahem!

  4. Oh gosh, just thought of something… can you imagine all the crap I am going to buy when there is a baby on the way??? Oi, not good!

  5. Actually maybe now you will find a purpose for all those things- I don’t think babies are terribly selective about what interests them – as long as it is colorful and stimulating!!

  6. You too? the bad haircut I mean.I got bobbed, and I have to straighten it to tame it. I hate having to do anything to my hair other than brushing!

  7. High maintenance haircuts suck! Any kind of cut that expects more than just wash and brush from me will never work.

    Good luck…look on the bright side, it always grows back, right?

  8. Bad hair day, here’s one for you: A mate’s wife asked him to trim her split ends, he was half watching the rugby and he though she asked to cut half the length off (or something like that), so he just lopped off half her hair, she freaked the FUCKKKKKKK out…now she looks like joan of arc in normal clothes, or a 12 year old boy/girl…too funny!

  9. Hi Po – I know unruly hair should probably never be short – I can only dream of a bob!

    Thanks Louisa – but patience has never been a virtue of mine! I think I might research some fast growing hair pills or something!

    Sunrise – Oh my God – I would have killed him!! That is hilarious!

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