Looking for a home in JHB?

Before moving to Cape Town, I bought myself a little home – a dolls house. I absolutely loved it at first glance. It was like a house built just for me! More garden than home, an arched entrance with creeping roses, a lemon tree in the back yard, railway sleeper steps with white pebbles. I planted a bay tree and a bouganvillae and countless herbs. I planted thousands of impatients, ferns ,rose bushes and happily watched them grow. I cannot describe the joy I would experience watering my garden, spending Sundays at nurseries and sitting on my patio with a glass of wine. I would lie in bed at night, staring at my beautiful lilac walls and just smile. I was delighted with every new household purchase. It broke my heart leaving my doll’s house and then having to rent it out to someone who would never and could ever, love it and cherish it as much as I had – but it needed to be done, ( and besides I was trading my lovely home for a wedding, husband and house in the winelands – HA!) My tenant gave her notice about a month ago and ever since that letter arrived I was seriously considering moving back to Joburg and taking up residence in my beautiful home once again! Well I have come to my senses, and with my ever increasing enjoyment of single life in this beautiful city, I am looking for another tenant to look after my humble home for yet another year!

Beautiful little townhouse in a well run security complex. Very close to shopping malls and the highway. Perfect for a single female or male. There is 24 hour security, (which you need in Joburg!) Open plan lounge and kitchen with two bedrooms and one full bathroom. It has laminated floors throughout with a lovely small garden in the front, a covered patio and peaceful private garden at the back. Covered parking for two cars.

Landlady Extraordinaire


6 thoughts on “Looking for a home in JHB?

  1. Sadly Louisa that isnt it – I saw the picture and it made me think of mine! I will email you the details!

  2. Wow, it sounds stunning.

    I wish I had a cottage – flats get a bit much after a while and just aren’t the same. My parents have an amazing little cottage in suburbia, with all my mom’s amazing fuchsias and what not… it’s awesome.

  3. I can imagine Rox – nothing compares to a home with a beautiful garden – I love Fuchsias but always struggled to keep them going, your Mom is lucky to have such green fingers!

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