I am in love…

With Long Street.
Where have you been my whole life?
I feel as though I have just awoken from a tomb. I will never set foot in another mall again.
I have discovered shops still making tie-dye dresses – I can’t believe it! Antique shops with thousands of gems to be discovered. Incense wafting in the streets, ice cold beers sitting on tiny wonky tables.
I brought a cappuccino, a hop skip and jump away from my office; they play jazz inside, it’s also a Wi fi hot spot, it is also next to a music shop which is African and funky and has display’s of tin guitars in the windows. The music hits you as you walk past – reggae – it totally reminds me of the old 206 in Orange Grove Joburg!
Now that is next to a book shop with about 20 books on display I would happily buy, which is next a GOTH shop!!!!! Good gracious flippin hell…words fail me!
I indulged in a dangerously flimsy and short, white dress that cost an exorbitant amount, but it’s summery and perfect for the occasion I have been looking forward to the whole year:

The Festival of Bubbles! It will be my third time and I am tremendously excited! A day in Franschhoek, sun, music, champagne, strawberries and a little white dress – perfection!

It has been a crazy week and I am so looking forward to this weekend!


4 thoughts on “I am in love…

  1. I’ve only been to Long Street once and I also loved it! It is just awesome and you’re right…there are no words to describe it!

    Aww..lucky gal – strawbs, champagne and a gorgeous dress…now that sounds like my kinda weekend!!

  2. Yay, welcome to my world!

    Long Street has it all – one of the best places to shop, explore, relax, find stuff, be entertained and just chillax. I hardly ever go to shopping centers anymore, it’s Long or Kloof or bust.

  3. Blondie – it was fantastic!!

    Rox – I still need to explore Kloof – but yes my shopping habits will never be the same again!

  4. I LOVE long street – I plan to go shopping there soon and buy a whole bunch of clothes. Cant Wait!!!

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