Tuesday game Plan

Objective: To be productive and complete all those flagged items in my Inbox. To plan the rest of the week, clearing the way for a unproductive Friday. Then to hit Long street later for a coffee and to listen to some Jazz. So today I want to work and play!

I also want to come back here, to this rather miserable looking blog (I am thinking about wordpress but it scares me) and write about the Champagne Festival!

It is good not to have a hangover!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday game Plan

  1. a hangover is just a process. a couple rectangles with arrows that go into the odd decision making diagonal box and then it ends.

    and it doesn’t matter what cure you adopt – you’ve got to embrace the process – it’s one of those things that gracious aging recommends and requires – pausing and sighing – unfortunately.

  2. 302 it really feels more like a dead end than a process! But you are right I suppose such acceptance is required!

    Louisa – easy for you to say web page genius! πŸ˜‰

  3. Louisa’s right, it’s much easier than you think – in fact, WordPress is nicer to work with than blogger.

    I like your game plan idea… my day was a flurry of missions, now have to put in some time tonight to work.

  4. Brazen – so many things so little time…

    Rox – I will try to give it a go, I am sooooo bored with blogger, but then again it might just be I don’t know how to do stuff!

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