Back to reality but still standing

The much debated subject matter.

Well Rox has to be one of the coolest chicks I have met in a really long time! We innocently met for drinks after work; what began with a banged knee and a lost earring ended up being quite a night…
It was an awesome jam-packed weekend full of my favorite things!! Dancing, Champagne, good company, swimming on the top of the world and sunrise on the beach and that was just one night! On Saturday after a brief comatose state on my couch for 30 minutes, I went through to Hout Bay for yet more cocktails! Followed by yet another brief stint in Long Street! Sunday was spent exploring Hout Bay – which I had no idea was so funky! I met some incredibly unusual people, spent too much money at the market, drank a bottle of Moet – which to my absolute dismay was slightly corked!
My drive to work this morning was also pretty surreal, a combination of the breathtaking views on the coastal road and still feeling somewhat high from lack of sleep!

But crash, bang, now I am in an office, white walls and bad coffee! Sitting next to a tiny girl who chews unbelievably loudly for her size! Here I am again, wondering how the hell I can I can inform this wee scrap of a girl that chewing then swallowing can be just as efficient without the accompanying soundtrack!

16th December – Day of Reconciliation – No work – Outstanding!

My view this morning… life’s a bitch


12 thoughts on “Back to reality but still standing

  1. sounds like it’s all pleasantly gone a little – la vida loca – which is ok because tis the season to be jolly and i think this place does lend itself to it.

    and corked moet. you do need to find your special occasions sooner, what a pity. but try, try again, open another bottle just to be sure.

  2. 302 has it in a nutshell – living la vida loca!

    I must add DT, we ran into 302 at Carnival Court yesterday, will have to make a plan for a Sunday there soon… nice vibe indeed.

    P.S. Keeeelp!!!

  3. Sounds Good Rox – Sunday nights are normally so depressing – it would be cool to end the weekend on a high!

  4. Hey DT! Just wanted to say I’m catching up slowly to your fast-paced social life… sounds divine! I just can’t cope with hangovers anymore though, they kill me. And you’ve made me realise I have to pop my long-saved bottle of Moet or risk corking it, noooooo!

  5. Sundays there will end the weekend on a great note for sure – you’ll love it.

    P.S. New blog looks AWESOME hun!! Well done. 🙂

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