Moving and Thinking Slowly

Today is going to be quite a challenge! I am trying very hard to slip into DT professional mode – trying to get grounded, which is immensely difficult after so much sun, such beautiful days, so many bottles of bubbles.

 Spell check is essential, food is essential – I have no idea how the hell I am going to get my stuff done – it seems like everyone in this damn building wants a piece of me and this chick is still chewing with the enthusiasm of a new born calf!

 The year is almost ending. I need it to just stop for a while!


I am going to look at a flat today – It has views. I am scared I will love it!


10 thoughts on “Moving and Thinking Slowly

  1. Yay for flat hunting, call me later and tell me all about it!!

    I am also battling to get into work-mode, can’t seem to focus at all, hehe.

  2. Thanks Brazen – I am hoping I love it, but the occupation date is freaking me out a bit – the 1st of Jan – that is so soon!

    302 – Champagne all around if it happens!!

    Rox -I am struggling badly, just want to be outside…

  3. Blade – sounds promising…perhaps has the ability to turn a hangover into a highly productive state: nu -Kelptonic – never has a hangover been so delightful! 🙂

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