and all I wanted was to grab a bite to eat

It was a gorgeous restaurant, there was even a table set for the ghost. A beautifully set table, complete with silver trays of sushi and a large glass of wine.  We ate dim sum and sushi and had one too many tequila’s.  The characters were colorful, there was one annoying psychotic male specimen – but all in all it was fun.

The flat was obviously too good to be true and in the middle of nowhere – so very sad.

Very sad indeed, I am going to have to deal with all my shit at some stage…

Oh dammit!



7 thoughts on “and all I wanted was to grab a bite to eat

  1. Plenty of time for dealing with shit in the New Year (you have to have something to stick on the resolutions list you know 😉 )…

    Did you take photos? Exactly how pretty was it?

  2. looking for the right space is a trying pastime. a few years ago i decided that i didn’t want to be on gardens-vredehoek side of the city instead i wanted the atlantic seaboard. so with that in mind i set out looking for a place.

    the first one i went to had sea views. on inspection i asked where’s the sea view? i was lead out of the kitchen onto a small balcony and told to look between two buildings and yes you could see the sea.

    the second place i went to had green carpets but it was a thick 70’s type fur which you feet disappeared into as you plunged around the rooms. it was just to much to deal with, i thought about how i would react to it after a hard day’s worked and promptly said that i’d get back to the person if i was interested.

    then i went to an agent on the main road with a friend of mine. the agent said a place had just opened up and we could walk there. i was getting very nervous, just thinking about where it could possibly be, but when we got there – no. 302, from the door you could see the ocean – and i said i’ll get you the cheque for the deposit and the first two months rent this afternoon, don’t bother to show it to anyone else.

    when i got to my parents place, my mother asked me if it had built in cupboards? i replied i didn’t know – she was horrified what other details had i missed. i said it’s got a view and a secure parking bay, it was a fait accompli. sometimes you just need a little bit of luck with these things and to keep at it until the right thing surfaces for your needs.

    and then there’ll be the champagne and the two exclamation marks!!

  3. Brazen it was Katima in Hout Bay – Highly recommendable! Brilliant service by very sexy waiters, beautiful deco and lovely sushi!

  4. You are very right Louisa! But at this rate my resolutions list is looking close to six pages!

    302 Thanks I needed to hear that. I know exactly what you mean about the tiny hint of blue sea view. I am getting quite good at interpreting the ad’s:
    Cosy=barely enough space to swing a cat, Characterful=old, stinking, falling apart and then there is, Well situated=on top of the busiest road in the city. *sigh*

  5. Flat hunting is a nightmare, really sucks in a big way. The right place finds YOU though, so don’t despair!

    As for the other stuff, remember – it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. This is just the end of one chapter, which will clear your head and thoughts to move on to the next chapter. And from my estimations, this next chapter is going to kick major ass! 🙂

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