Bloody hell – where has the day gone?

Why, oh why, oh why?

Just when I thought it would not and could not get worse: This  noisy little chicken has extended her talents to the art of chewing coffee, just when I thought that a cup in hand meant  I was out of danger. The onslaught caught me totally unprepared. Fine I am tired, I am irritated to be at work on a day that gently calls for a large couch, good TV and very little brain activity!

I am leaving for Joburg tomorrow – I can’t believe it – I have yet to get a single gift.

It was another awesome weekend! Friday night Rox took us to Deco Dance! I loved being back in a nightclub where the men still wear their hair long and skipping around the dance floor is the norm! Sisters Of Mercy was a definite highlight! We had indulged in a rather expensive round of chocolate flavoured tequila earlier on, so sadly the cheap stuff at Deco was somewhat similar to swallowing a shot of diesel, but did the trick of keeping me going for long after my bedtime! I  I am rather sleepy today after a day of plenty sunshine in Kalk Bay, two gorgeous bottles of white wine, a bottle of Champagne, a coffee cocktail, a couple of whiskeys – “Hi My name is DT and I am a seasonal alcoholic!”


Saturday I was lucky enough to watch some of the world’s best golfer’s play at Pearl Valley Golf Estate. This young man impressed me with his unconventional attire and rather tight fitting white pants. Watching a pro golfer swing a club is really a thing of beauty! I was brought up in a golfing family and typically rebelled against taking part, but it might be something I consider taking up next year. It was also good to finally watch Ernie Els. I love his wine estate, so it was only fitting to watch the moves that have afforded him to produce one of South Africa’s most expensive bottles of red!



I am feeling very stressed at the moment. A large umbrella has already fallen on my head, my hair has frizzed to the point of no return, I keep typing numbers backwards or leaving out those crucial words and I have twelve thousand gifts to buy and bags to pack!

Bloody hell!



12 thoughts on “Bloody hell – where has the day gone?

  1. stop bragging with regard to that liver of yours it’s not very becoming.

    and i remain confident that it will delightfully all come together in the end, it maybe frantic but you’ll be motivated – this one needs a bit of pressure.

    happy holidays!

  2. Chocolate flavoured Tequila? Mmmm, that sounds fantastic – I must get my hands on some of that. How long are you planning to be in Joburg for?

  3. Thanks Eric!

    Brazen – I hope you have a fab one too!

    302- Not bragging – just a bit of reflection 😉 Motivated, I most certainly am!

    Louisa – it is somewhat pricey but well worth it! I will be there until the 28th, so another quick trip home. Maybe we should meet for some tequila 🙂

    Po – it isn’t so much the strength of the coffee, rather this annoying habit of ingesting anything and everything rather loudly!

  4. Hehehe, bit late I know but man how I smiled when I saw the kelp 08 picture!

    We should do a montage of our crazy December, hehe… what a month. 😉

  5. Blade – I have no idea what you are referring to… 😉

    Louisa – next time we must make a plan!

    Rox – that is a good idea, definitely a December to remember!

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