Tale of two Cities

I am guessing there are about 10% of people in Cape Town actually working today. It is a complete thumb suck – but depressing none the less!

Anyway it was a fantastic Christmas in Jozi! Great gifts, fantastic food – too much food, wonderful family drama’s and much debate about my future plans with very little input from yours truly!

But I almost didn’t make it! From what I gathered was one of the worst storms to hit Joburg this year happened at precisely the same time we were preparing to land! The landing strip lights went down and there was talk about us being diverted to Durban! We flew in circles for about 15 minutes, lights off lighting creating a strobe like effect across the purple and green seats of a really very old plane – it was really quite frightening. Finally we landed and the pilot was applauded! I could have kissed him! I kept having visions of old episodes of Lost.

Christmas day was quite hysterical. There were repeat performances of all the cousins dancing in a ring singing at the top of their voices “Relax. Take It EEAAASSSSSYYYY” by Mika – who is a huge hit, obviously because he is a nice Lebanese boy!

Anyway it was different from last Christmas which involved a number of creative drinking games and a very lethal punch!

Who knew? I can hit a golf ball – high and far – I am actually brilliant – I think it is in the genes, or perhaps merely beginners luck. Two buckets of balls on the driving range and I only missed three times! Once I almost lost my club in a really energetic swing and almost knocked out a poor young boy taking lessons from his Dad. It would have been quite humiliating but I hung on to the club with all my life and somehow prevented it from taking flight.

I met my new tenants and almost broke down in front of the poor people. That house has so many memories.

It was great being back, there is a distinctive feeling about being home that I doubt I will ever loose. It is this quiet, subtle, almost instinctual awareness that your heart beats to the same rhythm as the place. It runs through your veins.

 I was surprised just how paranoid I have become. A guy walked up to our car on William Nicole and I completely lost it – I swore at my father for not skipping the lights, utterly convinced we were about to be hijacked. Was I always like this? It might be some kind of deep seated side-effect from being held up at gun point just before we came to Cape Town. Did it really affect me that badly? Before this trip I didn’t think so! I can only imagine the kind of anxieties so many people carry around with them after much worse incidents…too sad!

I am taking leave next year – never again! Only one day off this week! It isnt right!


12 thoughts on “Tale of two Cities

  1. nothing contractictory about those two words if they are prefaced by – ‘my’ otherwise a strng case can be made for oxymoron.

    whatz the cbd like today? is it quiet? i remember lots of the restuarants close for these days which doesn’t help being at work.

  2. 🙂 Okay, male intuition it is!

    It is a bit quiet today, the odd group of tourists are meandering around Long Street, but there is definitely a reduced lack of activity. The dreary weather isn’t helping!

  3. Top 50 Oxymorons: 50. Act naturally 49. Found missing 48. Resident alien 47. Advanced BASIC 46. Genuine imitation 45. Airline Food 44. Good grief 43. Same difference 42. Almost exactly 41. Government organization 40. Sanitary landfill 39. Alone together 38. Legally drunk 37. Silent scream 36. British fashion 35. Living dead 34. Small crowd 33. Business ethics 32. Soft rock 31. Butt Head 30. Military Intelligence 29. Software documentation 28. New York culture 27. New classic 26. Sweet sorrow 25. Childproof 24. “Now, then …” 23. Synthetic natural gas 22. Christian Scientists 21. Passive aggression 20. Taped live 19. Clearly misunderstood 18. Peace force 17. Extinct Life 16. Temporary tax increase 15. Computer jock 14. Plastic glasses 13. Terribly pleased 12. Computer security 11. Political science 10. Tight slacks 9. Definite maybe 8. Pretty ugly 7. Twelve-ounce pound cake 6. Diet ice cream 5. Rap music 4. Working vacation 3. Exact estimate 2. Religious tolerance 1. Microsoft Works

    i like synthetic natural gas – good grief – small crowd and soft rock the most.

    no male intuition and a time and a place for spontaneity

    and a tip or for 09 footnote for 08 – the weltevreden mcc it’s r80 at carolines but boh myself and the attendant agree that this was one of the best kept secrets of 08.

  4. LOL – I love:New classic ,Advanced BASIC and Legally drunk !
    Time and place for spontaneity, should really be there. A few people I know certainly think along those lines!
    Damn I need to chase some of those bottles!

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