It is the last day of 2008. Wow what a year it has been.

I have spent today reading my blog and the tragic tale that was my life this year and shopping. I wanted to do a post about all the momentous, tragic and life defining moments this year, but actually found the whole thing somewhat depressing. I also started an about me page and this too unraveled into something rather morbid. It is too much of a gorgeous day to be morbid and there is too much to look forward to in 2009. So no more wallowing, it is time to find some inspiration, stimulation and just have fun! The whole world and their Mothers seem to be in Cape Town on holiday and the streets are humming.

I brought another dress, still in denial about January pay day being miles away.

I had the misfortune of being at Caprice in Camps Bay last night. It felt like sitting on the set of Sunset Tan – or that a bottle of self-tan threw up all over the place. There was nothing but fake breasts, anorexic bodies, hairless biceps and money being thrown around like leaves. It was of course the whole of pretentious Sandton holidaying in CT. Not my scene at ALL!

My brother is having a party somewhere on one of the beaches, sadly he bumped into his flaky, plastic, manipulative bitch of an ex-girlfriend last night – so I hope the guy is having a blast!

Oh Gawd she is eating again, at this rate I will never be able to give up smoking…

So long Farewell 2008 – it was definitely the best of times and the worst of times!


12 thoughts on “adieu

  1. not been the easiest of years 08 to be honest, so i’m not too unhappy to see it exit, extra day and all.

    here’s hoping 09 is much better.

    and i’ve not been around the bend for ages. quite ironic living so close. camps bay – besides baraza, i don’t think there’s a place that i like on that drag.

    but i did get very drunk at caprice one festive season with a group of people from other countries who insisted on staying, so i started drinking martinis to cope.

    so no resolutions yet?

  2. 302, i would be willing to give it another try during winter maybe, but never again during season.

    I am nervous about resolutions this year. I dont know why. I think there is just too much to sort through, that there is no possible way of putting them down in a nice orderly list! So I think for 2009 I am just gonna wing it 🙂

    Yours Mister?

  3. had a nice long comment. about needing to do pressing things like take the garbage down to the ground floor bins except that i was waiting for a quiet moment because i never want to attract attention to myself with the sound of bottles clinking together.

    only have one resolution – to read 20 books.

    maybe to timeously do adminstration and the dishes if i’m pushed for a second.

  4. Dishes have no business being on resolution list! I would rather pretend that such things don’t exist! I am in far too much of a festive mood to contemplate administration either!
    302, I think you have just confirmed my newfound dislike of resolutions 🙂

  5. ok.

    as it winds down here’s wishing you a technicolored, weltevreten mcc friendly, lottery winning, good shoe bargain finding and fitting , and happy 2009.

  6. Thanks 302, sounds perfect in everyway. I wish you all the very best for 09 and I hope you have a fantastic wonderful evening!

  7. I just can’t believe 2008 is over already, totally agree on it being the best and worst!

    Here’s to another year of mayhem – and balconies and drinks and fun!

  8. Rox – Absolutely – I am really looking forward to a great year and many adventures!

    Thanks Po! To you too!

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