House Hunting

I drove to see an apartment today. I kind of loved it – but there was no kitchen.

From the minute I saw the picture and got into my car, I suddenly had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is still there, a couple of hours later. It is awful – I am hoping to drown it out with a G & T very soon!

Is it intuition about times ahead?? 

Is it a warning? Alarm bells going off in my head.

All I know is; it isn’t comfortable!


3 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Eeek, sounds like a case of The Fear!

    I get that sometimes, impending doom in my tummy, not cool at all. Don’t worry, you will soon be killing it with an ice cold drink and some sun and balcony chillax!

  2. often like just before a journey. and once it begins your focus shifts and you deal with it. put it down to a good, typical reaction which you’ll get through.

    and perhaps you should think about the fun parts of what this potentially has in store for you.

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