5 Jan ’07 DT was born



6 thoughts on “5 Jan ’07 DT was born

  1. Happy bday DT’s blog!
    I’m back but woefully uninspired and easing myself into this new year by reading wonderful stuff like yours.
    I am so relieved to read that you are house hunting… I know a supremely fulfilling fate awaits you when you take this step.
    I’m also house hunting in the city, also wanting to quit the big smoke(-ing) and in your ‘about me’ piece you sound a lot like my best friend.
    We must have that cocktail sometime!

  2. Thank you kindly Rox & Blade πŸ™‚

    Welcome back Redframe! You were missed! Don’t worry you will settle in soon enough and I am sure you are going to have a wonderful new Year! The smoking thing is like this massive dark cloud hovering over my head! I just hate it and want to stop very badly!

    Cocktails – I would never say no πŸ˜‰

  3. So what drove you to start it? I always wonder what makes someone start and keep going. I nearly flaked out after one post I must admit.

  4. Gosh Po – that is a good question. I started a number of blogs before this one, every time someone would comment I freaked out and deleted the thing. I really started this one to write about all the changes in my life, a way to take stock and reflect. Somehow it turned into so much more. I demand honesty from myself when I write, there is no mask to wear, no expectations to be a certain a certain way and through that I have touched on a wonderful type of freedom. A selfish, indulgent little space of my own, however shallow, whimsical, irrelevant and silly it may be! There are days when I think I have said too much – when I feel uncomfortable and exposed. I have stared at that Delete Blog button many times, but I hope I won’t, it is a bit of a journey which I would like to continue!

    I also really like using a thousand explanation marks on one page without being judged! πŸ˜‰

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