Can’t stop

My mind is just too busy today!

 I have seen a total of four places and today I might have found the one! It had a good feel. A holiday feel. Some character by way of creaking floors and a pretty impressive view. Is it home? The sinking feeling is back with a vengeance.

Yoga picked me up, beat the hell out of me then spat me out. My body is aching.

January seems to be going pretty slowly which is good thing despite the decreasing bank balance. For some reason I cannot stop trying to do a thousand things a minute, technology is not keeping up with me – it is going to be a long restless night…


6 thoughts on “Can’t stop

  1. change is so f….g nerve wrecking isn’t it just. i’m generally in opposition to it.

    and when your mind races nothing can keep up, philosophically the speed of thought is only surpassed by the speed of worry indulgently faster than the speed of light.

    but it does feel like you are going to go around that bend. creaky floors and good view – turn the corner.

  2. 302 it is change, the presure to make a decision and be happy with it and the overwhelming mountain of stuff that goes with it – mental and tangible! Time to just through the motions…

  3. you ‘ll get through the part of you that is tough as old boots will stoically see that it happens – and independence is a good thing.

  4. It’s a big decision to make…how many more places are you going to look at? I’d say if it feels like home, it must be home? 😉

    *cough-cough* There will be pictures of the winner of course?

  5. 302 – If only I were as tough as boots – I guess I can always fake it till it happens!

    Louisa – it is a big decision, but I might be over thinking the whole ordeal which has always been my weakness. I am going to look at another one today, I drove pasted it last night and it looks gorgeous – so fingers crossed!

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