The Goal

The Goal for 2010
The Goal for 2010

Almost there

If only I can keep my leg straight
If only I can keep my leg straight

8 thoughts on “The Goal

  1. Wow, that is so cool I used to be all flexible until I screwed my back up. It makes me sad to see those pictures cos I doubt I will ever be able to use my back like that again 😦

  2. Mwahahaha! Good luck…I had a year like that once. I think it might have been 2006. About midway through the year one of my budds wanted to know how much progress I was making on the bendy bits. So I set my camera/phone’s self-timer to show him and instead of working myself into the positions kind of launched myself into it to make the shot in time.

    I got pretty funny photos for my trouble, and a sprained muscle where I didn’t even realise I had one.

  3. Brazen – well that is the good news – We all can. Our bodies are designed to be able to do such things – just tales a bit of realignment and practice.

    I am so sorry Po! I am not sure of the extent of your injuries, but before I started yoga I used to suffer from back pains, it has really helped strengthen my spine!

    Rox – you would be surprised, I am sure you with your training, you will be there in no time at all 🙂

    Martin – you know that expression about never too old to learn new tricks 😉

    Louisa – God you made me laugh! I can just picture it – all legs and arms contorting in lightning speed Hehehe!!

  4. Thanks for reading Tiffany – the backbends are going well – I am getting stronger and stronger everyday!

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