She must be mad!

Who is this chic? Who is this women arriving at work with no makeup, no mask? When the neighbors announced their engagement, who was that woman who felt genuine happiness for them, sans resentment? Who is this woman haphazardly meeting strangers, forgetting to do laundry, driving under 100 on the highway, clapping hands in mid sentence, going to sleep after midnight on a school night? Who was that girl in the lotus position, looking so damn serene?

And finally who the hell is this chic who has a signed lease in her hands for a funky apartment in the heart of the city? An apartment for one with a slither of a sea view and the whole of Table Mountain!!!!!!!

I hope this goes through all right, I don’t think I could take another house hunting stint. The worst is yet to come – telling him I am leaving. He really shouldn’t mind that much; after all I am not really the same girl he once knew…



11 thoughts on “She must be mad!

  1. 302 – Thank you – I really did enjoy that! How wonderfully appropriate 🙂

    Thank you Brazen – it is all very exciting!

    Thanks Dolce – I need all the luck I can muster 🙂

  2. One word hun – INTEGRATION.

    You will start feeling a bit more balanced soon, and now that the flat signing has been done, you can start moving on.

    Looking forward to celebrating later! 🙂

  3. hehe Rox – I can think of anothet one ‘Schizophrenic’

    I can hear the champers calling my name…

  4. Whoohoo! Success, you have a new nest. 🙂

    So…when are you telling him?
    ….when do you move?
    …when do we get to see pictures?!

    Good luck! I think this will be good for you once you settle in.

  5. Wow DT, sounds like big changes are coming your way! The apartment sounds amazing, I hope it all turns out for the best.

  6. I do indeed Louisa! I am moving at the end of this month, which is really a good thing because all this driving is slowly killing me!

    I told him yesterday – It was very sad 😦
    The pics will be coming soon!

    Thanks Po – Exciting times indeed! About time too!

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