Time to stop clapping

Gareth Cliff MWAH! So glad you are back! Now all is right with the world!

There is so much to do!

Book moving company

Order boxes

Buy a bed – then bed linen – shit need to decide on color schemes / material. Sexy or beachy?

Buy a couch. This has me seriously nervous. I am contemplating trying to work it out mathematically then worry about the aesthetics.

Need wine glasses and coffee mugs

Shit also need wine rack – the current one belongs to him! My collection is too precious to not have a home!

Cleaning materials: How much do I leave for him and what do I take? Shit there needs to be a book on the correct etiquette for this type of stuff. An old friend of mine said that packing up and leaving her Fiancé of 8 years was the hardest thing she has ever had to do – the division of belongings was hectically emotional.  yay I am so excited…

Coordinate the arrival of the couch, bed and truck!

Damnit I need a new postal address.

Bloody hell – I am stressing!


Okay I seriously need to go into work mode, project management superhero mode…if only I could focus!




7 thoughts on “Time to stop clapping

  1. Good luck! Moving can be a real pain in the ass…when I went through privitisation (a.k.a. divorce) I did the seperation of wordly goods over a weekend that he was away from home. But I think I was quite fair about it. If something was obviously his I left it and if it was obviously mine I took it. Wedding gifts that my family or friends gave me I took and left the rest for him, and since all the cutlery, crockery and cookware was mine I even left him some of that.

    However, he still bitched about it – seems he thought I would leav it all to make my clean brake. In retrospect I would have cleaned him out since he thought it’s what I did anyway.

    Take whatever you need hun.

  2. Take what you need, leave the rest.

    I always comfort myself with the thought that if I’ve got enough funds the administrative burden shifts to people who do it as part of their daily routine. So chip away at shifting the burden. Today I want to do…tomorrow I need to do…and so forth and so on

    Then find your colour scheme probably best done in the shops and work around it just don’t make it anything hotel. I guess the nice thing is that it should quieten down soon – middle of the month – end of school holidays.

    And sundries you can always get, the shops hardly ever close. And, and, and try to enjoy it even though moving is a hardship find some bite sized satisfaction as it all comes together.

  3. Shame Louisa that sounds hectic! I suppose there will always be an element of bitterness that stays with the person you leave behind!

    Thanks Brazen – Glad I am not alone – I can’t help it the guy makes me laugh 🙂

    302 – I am actually taking immense pleasure in visualizing the end goal – despite my title the hands are still clapping 
    Oh – but I would love the hotel vibe – I think – but I doubt I would ever achieve that look with my brand of belongings! More like a bohemian commune come gothic library!

  4. Don’t stop clapping!!! You need the crazy DT for this, she’ll get you through the stresses. Just let that other lady out when you’re shopping though, and aim for a neutral vibe for now. You can always add colour and style later.

  5. 🙂 Thanks Rox! Good advice. Neutral here I go – taking it easy on the black!

    Po – it is somewhat overwhelming. I just have to try and not get to hard on myself!

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