Comfort in an uncomfortable world

While my universe is slowly turning upside down, inside out and giving me a good kick in the gut every now and then, I sought comfort in buying books and immersing myself into a different world.

I started reading “Till we can keep an animal” by Megan Voysey-Braig. I was quite impressed by the selection of novels by South African authors. It might be that I am realising new South African authors are from the same landscape as I, with the same memories and feelings about this country.

Comfort isn’t quite what I found in Megan’s book, no far from it. It is hectic, violent, grim and brilliantly written – too brilliant – I am haunted by the images she has created. The book is narrated by a dead women, who tells the story about how she was brutally raped then murdered one night in her home in Cape Town.  The nightmare that every South African woman fears. She watches as they poke her and probe her dead body, she watches how her husband stares at her torn apart body with utter disbelief and horror. She watches as life goes on in the city, the discussions and arguments people have about the state of violence in SA. Very intense, very hectic, very thought provoking.

 Okay enough doom and gloom for an overcast and misty day in fair Cape. I think my next book is going to have to be something fanciful!




 Till we can keep an animal



5 thoughts on “Comfort in an uncomfortable world

  1. Thank you Megan – you really are an excellent writer! I can’t wait to read more! Thank you for commenting – I feel quite honored!

  2. what about STrange Nervous Laughter? that is pretty fanciful

    I am digging reading SA authors too, reading about places I know and things I can relate too is so cool!

    I will look out for that book

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