My man

It is going to be hard for the two of us. Finally you acknowledged you are feeling sad. You used the words devastating and it broke my heart. A thousand memories came flooding back. Our first night together, the way you would wake me up in the morning and wipe a hot towel across my eyes. Those amazing nights in beautiful restaurants, staring deeply into my eyes. In your hands I felt small and protected. I loved it when you called me your girl! I have spent so much time and effort blocking these things out, but I know they need to be confronted. If there are tears; so be it. I am ready for the ache in my chest. I am ready for there to be a big gaping hole in my gut. Part of me wishes I could take you with me when I leave, so we can continue the adventure together…but it really can’t be.


Anger is so much easier.





5 thoughts on “My man

  1. Thanks Po – Every now and then I seem to sober up from my drunken denial and it hits me like a ton of bricks!

    Redframe – it has been pretty hectic! Yay for tonight!!!!
    Btw don’t forget – the chain smoker sitting in a dark corner, nursing one drink after the next…

  2. I found you via the sweet and gorgeous Redframe! currently going thru the worse break-up ever and her blog helped me out too so i can relate! I just wanted to wish you a happy weekend and hope that my little message may make you feel less alone and fill you with HOPE! we can have a great life as our friend, with our own beautiful boy xo 😉

  3. Hi Micaela

    Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am sorry for what you have also had to deal with. It is so hard and effects us in so many different and unique ways! It is wonderful knowing we are not alone, women feel things so much more deeply and intensely and to share it with others is a wonderful blessing!

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