How do you get rid of those glassy hangover eyes?

The last two nights have been pretty intense. Plenty of conversation over many bottles of wine. Last night I even cracked open my beautiful bottle of 12 year old Jameson. Now that was just wrong.

Last night we seemed to reach a cordial understanding, about what is happening and the way forward and it feels good.

What isn’t feeling so good right now is my head! I don’t even remember the drive to work and I am sure I look like hell. If I pressed my face any closer to the screen I think I would go blind! What is worse is the insurmountable amount of things I need to do. At work, for the move, register at Unisa and make plans for tonight. Tonight – ahh I am looking forward to that…

Can’t write much more…


10 thoughts on “How do you get rid of those glassy hangover eyes?

  1. Aw, shame man – sounds like it’s been an intense week!

    Hope your hangover fades quickly, you better prepare your head and liver for later!!

    P.S. Promise, no jaegers. Perhaps a Patron however. 😉

  2. ‘turn my whisky into water’ that great tindersticks lyric sounds like it’s in order and a big strong cappuccino and maybe fluffy scrambled eggs on a croissant to blot out last night and to springboard your into tonight with a few vitamin pills.

  3. Rox – definitely a couple shots of Patron are in order! (financial denial to the extreme!)

    302 – that has to be the best idea I have ever heard – I felt better just reading it!! I am off right now…

  4. “A couple shots of Patron are in order”, she says, on top of what sounds like a pretty rough hangover… you girls scare me. I’m a wuss. Feel better! Essentiales rock. But you have to drink them BEFORE you drink. If someone would’ve given me some BEFORE my wedding, I would have loved them forever. Wait, I’m rambling. See you later. PS, so is it a red carnation or do I just look for the patroning, smoking girl? x

  5. The greasiest breakfast you can lay your hands on followed by about 2 liters of pure OJ, and some bedrest (optional).

    Good luck! 😉

  6. hehehe Redframe – sometimes I think we scare ourselves!
    Essentiales are fantastic – wish I had remembered to take them – that is always the problem 🙂
    I will l try and find a carnation, if not, yup, chain smoking, Patroning girl 😉

    Louisa – I just got back from having such a breakfast. I reeeealllly wish bed rest was an option right now!

    Thanks Brazen, it is going pretty slowly but I think I will make it!

  7. Po – a Bcom – for my sins!

    Kyknoord – if only…especially since I seem to be outdoing myself lately 🙂

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