Beyond Redemption

Whew what a night! My weekend started a bit earlier than expected! Rox and I got up to all sorts of trouble last night!!

Spent the evening with an amazing group of people. The highlight was definitely meeting the beautiful Sexy Redframe who has been a wonderful source of inspiration to me over the last couple of months. I was also privileged to meet her wonderfully dashing new hubby who I think found it slightly strange that a stranger would know so much about him!

Rox and I happily introduced 302 and Tristan to the delights of Patron coffee tequila which might have not been a good thing, because for a while it was just one after the other till the place closed! I do remember trying to persuade someone to dance on the table!

I was also thrilled to meet Dolce, wearing devil’s horns and a mischievous smile! Sadly I didn’t get to speak to her much or Kyknoord for that matter!

Mr. Charm himself, Blade and his notorious wingman kept us entertained as we were the last ones standing. I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time!!


How I am roaming the earth today is beyond me! I would like nothing more than to curl up on my desk and slip into a coma!


It is a Friday and that is bloody brilliant!!!!!





9 thoughts on “Beyond Redemption

  1. glad this working day is over. that first weekend after returning to the office already feels like bliss.

    and i spent a lot of this day going through that process of recovering.

    finally coming around. thankfully as the clock is about to strike 5!

    anywayz letz the weekend treatz yah well

  2. Thanks for a great party and the introduction to the patron 🙂

    A quiet and reflective weekend sounds just about right after this week. Enjoy the peace and calm.

  3. It was a fun! Thank you for all the drinks – or maybe I shouldn’t be thanking you at all! 🙂 Have a good one Tristan!

  4. It was manic – damn blade and his wingman for getting us into so much trouble! 😉

    Hope today was bearable, I was missioning around Piketberg all day and was seriously battling around mid-afternoon!

    I wish I could have a chilled reflective one, but it’s set to be busy… reckon a Sunday Lola’s mission may just be in order chick!!

  5. Po they can speak, drink, laugh, and all and all be pretty cool people to be around as well as reading! 🙂

    Rox – hope you had a good one lady! looking forward to those cocktails later !!

    Brazen – it was lovely meeting her. It is wondeful meeting people when you dont have to rehash your sad tales!! She is exactly as she writes!

    We will be meeting again – best check out Rox’s site for more information! We would love to see you at the next one!!

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