Time to calm down

Way too busy for my liking! I had an awesome weekend in Hout Bay and enjoying the craziness that can only exist in the Republic of Hout Bay! Spent many hours in this little unassuming place which I have totally fallen in love with – Plastic tablecloths and an unlimited supply of gold tequila!

An unassuming gem
An unassuming gem

Last year this time I decided to do a one month detox – I would like to do the same this month, but what with the big move ahead and many celebrations to be had, it might  be somewhat unrealistic! So I think I will take advantage of these last two weeks in the winelands and chill out and calm down and get healthy, wealthy and wise!

Happiness is…
Happiness is…


just another day...
just another day...



I have plenty of work to do this week!


7 thoughts on “Time to calm down

  1. Yay, 11 days left!!

    Tell you what, after the madness has settled and your flat is sorted, I will join you in a detox. We shall get high on kelp and life instead of nasty Patron!

  2. That sounds like a good plan Rox! (Maybe the odd Patron wouldnt hurt 🙂 )

    Brazen – Girl I know what you mean! Life is so tough sometimes! lol

  3. i usually spend my 40 days in the desert with the rest of the Lent brigade, that’s when i make the soda pop non-alcoholic beverage adjustment – still a few weeks until then.

  4. I always do a detox over exam month. Mostly cause I found that I learnt really bizarre things if I tried studying after a night out on the town and then took ages to forget the BS again.

  5. 302 – Each year I go through a crisis about what to give up for lent! I end up sticking to the childhood ‘Sweets and chocolate’. This year I am considering using lent to stop smoking. One vice at a time!

    Louisa – I stress too much over the exam period – sometimes I find it necessary to have a glass of red just to calm my nerves! But that could be because of all the red bull and coffee’s… so next exam period I might take your lead!

    Hi Medio! I think it is in the authenticity of the place that lends itself nicely to plastic table cloths, complete with tequila bottle candle holders and giant beaded chili’s hanging from the ceiling! It’s a great place to just chill out and let your hair down!

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