Bring on the celery!

It is a beautiful gorgeous day today. I am feeling rather happy, excited and blessed!


So far I have booked the moving company and ordered boxes! I have ordered blinds and will hopefully start bed and couch shopping tomorrow.


I have an awful headache which I hope won’t interfere with yoga. Today’s class is very important because I am starting a stint of  healthy living / sober living  – which I plan on breaking once I am in my new home with a bottle of the French bubbly!


So it is all professionalism and organization, modest suits, bringing breakfast to work and tying the hair up! I don’t know why but it all seems to work together.


I also need to cut out my blogging / blog lurking time. Yes I am trying hard to convince myself that it can be done…


Is pay day STILL so far away????


6 thoughts on “Bring on the celery!

  1. Detox and getting sorted is in order for me as well – reckon the next month or so should be interesting, and will be good to be on track! 🙂

  2. If you want to talk about hardship, I’m giving up shopping. For a year. Crazy, I know… Suddenly going to the gym and drinking less seems easy huh? I haven’t formalised the rules and regulations yet, but I seem to have latched onto a whole de-consumption movement in blogworld. Will post about it soon. Sigh.

  3. 302 – I should be so lucky, I still have five sleeps!!

    Louisa: lol I know – I am only fooling myself!

    Rox: Like you said, it is all about balance! As long as we keep up with a good deal of winging it along the way 🙂

    Po: You are spot on. A day at work just doesn’t feel the same without at least one visit!

    Redframe: Give up shopping!!! No! That would just about kill me! Why do so many good things in life become something worth giving up?? SOL (That is a big sigh out loud!) I will look forward to and dread your post at the same time 😉

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