Good Morning world

Well I am feeling pretty damn fantastic today! Detox is working out nicely, very nicely in fact! Yesterday it was all fruit, yogurt and salad and loads of water, followed by an awesome yoga class! I slept beautifully and today is one beautiful day. There is much drama in the streets where they are busy trying to shoot a movie scene. I was lucky enough to spot two gorgeous guys in what looked like football clothes. Just another day…
I am giving a presentation this afternoon which is pretty damn petrifying. Until recently I had a huge problem with blushing, the minute I felt the spotlight on me, my cheeks would turn a deep dark hot red! It was awful. The only thing I could do was acknowledge it and start laughing at myself! Eventually I learned the art of really looking at the audience. One person at a time. To realize that you are in fact in a position of power. Unfortunately this confidence comes a bit easier when you know your stuff and can preempt any possible question thrown your way! I am still relatively new here, so have no idea what kind of characters I will be dealing with!
So it is time to deal in a bit of death by PowerPoint!


3 thoughts on “Good Morning world

  1. Eeek, I’m not wild about presentations – also find that looking at people, and most of all faking huge confidence helps.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better – nothing beats a good detox! I’ve been slowly getting there, looking forward to a run after work… and then no booze Friday, yay!

    Good luck for this afternoon!

  2. prepare punchy slides and tell your story.

    and don’t worry to much about anything.

    presentations aren’t more than a visual discussion.

    good luck.

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