Needing, wanting, hating, loving


I need:

To finish packing and get rid of all the silly stuff I have been hoarding.
To stay positive and not have regrets.
To buy a bed online.
To get new tires and a quotation from the panel beaters to sort out my car, then get an estimate on how much I can sell her for.
To draw up a study timetable and work on completing my degree as soon as possible and figure out what to study next.
Sun on my legs!

I want:

To buy a dress and killer heels for Saturday.
This horrible feeling of sadness and fear in the pit of my stomach to dissolve.
To go home and sleep next to the pool.
To know that he will be okay.
A flat stomach.

I Hate:

My hair! When will I learn not give the hairdresser free reign!
Traffic! Almost two hours of driving to work today! 4 Drives left
Saying goodbye to all the friends I have made in my complex – and them looking at me like I am some harlot leaving her wonderful talented boyfriend to let loose in the big bad city! It is a shocker!
Having a huge amount of work to do today – it just seems endless, just one continual stream of emails and projects.
My outfit today – A bright pink top with pinstriped pants. I have lost the plot.

I am loving:

That next Monday I will be going home to my very own place in the city.
All the amazing people in my life.
My Blackberry – I suspect I will be a fan for life – just love it.
My new black patent leather shoes with white straps.
That I may just get to meet my very first best friend again after about 15 years! We were practically sisters.


7 thoughts on “Needing, wanting, hating, loving

  1. Crazy times indeed – by this time next week you will feel a lot better, and perhaps we can sneak in a mid-week wine mission if things get to insane!

  2. 2 hours of traffic – you could have been in jhb by plane.

    anyway -soon – it’ll improve school holidays or not – two hours driving will equate to a week in the car to work and back.

  3. 302 – I can’t wait! So much wasted time to make up for! 🙂
    I know Harlot is a pretty old fashioned word, but I am feeling their opinions are pretty much stuck in the dark ages!

    Po – believe me it really only ‘looks’ good on paper! Maybe if I had more accessories…

  4. I also quite fancy the pinstripe/hot pink combo. When in doubt, add an accessory!
    Shame hon, good luck with those lists.
    Here’s one we need to work on, it will change your life: find the best hairdresser for you and never, ever leave them again. I have some suggestions.
    I wish there was a medicine for a breaking heart, I need a lot to go around these days. So many fantastic women, so many clueless men… Does alcohol count?
    Tip for Saturday, remember it’s on the grass so a chunkier heel or a trendy wedge will be most preferable over a stiletto!
    And finally, you sound like my sister. Must finish studies so I can study some more. Gluttons for punishment?
    Might spot you at the Met? Otherwise next week tea / wine / whatever.
    Good good good good luck with the move… I’ll be thinking of you!

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