There is so much to do!! I own so much bloody stuff! The move is tomorrow!

Of course when it rains it pours! Work has just gone all psycho on me. There is simply not enough hours in the day.

and that is all I have time to say.



6 thoughts on “HECTIC

  1. Sending you happy productive calming vibes… Remember, this too shall pass. And if you still need to collect a few things after official moving date, it wouldn’t be too bad would it? Wait, maybe it would. Go go go, good luck girl!

  2. Hahahha, what a brilliant picture, can’t believe I’ve not seen that before. If you see it on my blog in the future, please don’t kill me 🙂

  3. Po – there are some exceptions – but I am finding my way back the permanent chill…

    Thanks Redframe! It was pretty damn stressful, but I think the worst is over!

    302 – Indeed it does, come what may…

    Rox – you are a flippin angel!

    ChrisM – Haha no problem!

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