City Life

The mayhem started on Thursday night, my final ‘kuir’ in the winelands. They arrived at my place armed with Brandy, red wine and plenty of advice about how to cope in the big bad city. It was sad saying goodbye to the people I have become accustomed to over the last two years. I grew quite fond of this one couple in particular, and then they got engaged and booked the very same venue I had naively believed my wedding would be held. The man is organising everything for them – how he never got the painful irony is beyond me! Anyway, going through bridal magazines and planning the decorations of MY venue never left a good taste in my mouth, all the more reason to want to put as much distance as possible between the old and the new!

It is all new. Shiny and new. I am in love with the lights in the city at night and I suspect I am going to enjoy this new neighborhood. It takes less than a cigarette to get to work…

 I could not have survived Friday without the help of Rox! She held the fort while I attempted to control a highly uncontrollable situation with the movers. I went to say a bit of a tearful goodbye to the man. Then sped into the city to find Rox shoulder deep in boxes and plastic! It was only really when they left and we had time for a couple of savannah’s that I started to feel somewhat sane.

The J&B Met was the following day – A beautiful sunny day and a truly impressive event! I went with my brother and his friend, dressed to the nines. We had a tent, free and unlimited Johnny Black and one of the most stylish affairs I have ever had the luck to attend!

My first Sunday in the city consisted of more Champagne, more sun and great company.

So far so good…


10 thoughts on “City Life

  1. Brazen – It was my first time! I was blown away, I can’t wait till next year!

    Thanks Rox! This chapter is going to be wicked!

  2. I am thanks Louisa! It is just so great to not have to spend hours driving home every day!

    Po – You are spot on: absolutely horrendous, I really don’t want to move again anytime soon! It is just chaos!

  3. Wow! You’re like, just around the corner! Please let me know as soon as you’re settled enough to meet for a little drinksy, my detox is over yay. And I am so in love with your neighbourhood… Enjoy!

  4. Hi Redframe!!

    I will probably be a bit more settled in by the end of this week! Glad to hear your detox is over – we can go back to the original plan of OTT cocktails!!!

  5. wow just around the corner
    but don’t even think about borrowing any milk

    sorry could resist

    yes this little big city of many surprises now on your doorstep and a friendly bottlestore too.

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