Everything but the kitchen sink

Another 2am bedtime! I just cannot rest while my place is just not quite right! I strive towards perfection. I don’t mind chaos and mayhem outside, I am not adverse to a bit of recklessness every now and then, but my home needs to be a place of serenity and order.  Last night I undertook the horrific and odious task of defrosting my fridge. I have sweet buggar all patience for sitting and waiting for ice to melt, so my method is one that consists of spatula’s, boiling water and towels. It was then finally time to do a bit of furniture rearranging and then rearranging, but only during the add breaks of Calafornication. I love that show – it is hysterical. Hank is such a good example of how sexy a man can be with the right attitude. I don’t think he is overwhelmingly gorgeous and very far from being a pretty boy – it is all attitude. The archetypal bad boy with beautiful articulation!

The night before I watched Chris Rock live in places, which was also as funny as hell – but I couldn’t help thinking I had heard it all before!

 My neighbor leaves the same time as me in the mornings. He seems like a cool guy, but has this annoying habit of not being able to keep his eyes on my face. Okay for our first meeting,  it is kind of understandable – you want to check out who has moved in – suss them out- but after the second and then third time being eyed up by this dude, it is getting somewhat annoying. What am I not supposed to notice this? Should I love the attention? Or better yet be flattered that I am being scrutinized like a giant lollipop?

 Definitely feeling tired  and somewhat irritable. It is quite strange sleeping alone and waking up to an empty house, I am not sure when I will get used to it again. What is pretty fantastic is playing music LOUD first thing, nothing like Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’  to get the day started with a bit of an attitude!


4 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. You’ve just moved in, you already have DSTV and you’re defrosting the fridge? You’re way ahead of me girl!
    Can I just say that I am surprised, amused, and intrigued by your penchant for 70’s heavy metal bands? Not what I thought pretty, hot chicks from jhb listen to! Way to bash stereotypes! x

  2. Old skool rock is the business – and blasting it first thing is the best way to gear into the morning!

    Will say one thing about my fridge, I have only ever had to defrost it twice… it has a auto-defrost thing. Only when I move do I have to defrost it, and I always forget to do it the night before… but it takes like an hour or so, just need to put in a basin and it’s sorted.

    As for the DSTV… meh, I am so OVER sabc kak!!!

  3. Brazen – We need more Hanks!

    Redframe LOL! I aim to amuse! 😉
    I just can’t do without DSTV especially now that I am living on my own!
    The Fridge just had to be done!

    Rox – God you are so lucky, my fridge is ancient! It practically took me the entire night to get all the ice out!

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