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A while ago Rox tagged me to do a random photo meme. I followed all the instructions of looking for the sixth folder and the sixth file in my pictures and found a picture of my Gran and my cousin in Franschhoek. I thought maybe I should choose another photo and maybe it was too personal- but then again my Gran is the most amazing woman I have ever known and the cousin in the photo is the youngest female in the family,  her Dad also happens to be my Godfather. Slowly the significance of these two women in my life cannot possibly be overlooked.

granMy Gran is now 85 years old. She was married at the age of 15 and then had seven children. She is the absolute centre of the family. Loved, revered and absolutely cherished by her growing family. My fondest moments spending time with her was soon after my Grandfather died. We all took turns in spending the night with her. I used to watch her pray every night on her knees, a prayer for each one of us. She would laugh at me plating my hair before going to sleep and the way I was always so careful to not let any crumbs fall to the floor when eating cake. I would hug her tightly until I made her smile.  Somehow I was the sweetest little angel in those days and my Gran adored me. The women of my family have her noticeable strength, her femininity and sharp wit. She also has the ability to look at a potential boyfriend / girlfriend of one of her Grandchildren and tell you immediately if they are dirt or diamonds – without the slightest murmur of tact.

 My youngest female cousin is drop dead gorgeous. She has the natural beauty of old Hollywood film stars and what makes her even more beautiful is her sincerity and honesty.For a girl not much older than twenty, that too is a very rare commodity. My happiest times have been in the presence of my family. Watching my cousins grow into self assured and confident women has made me appreciate, even more, that blood runs deep.

I am glad I did this. Thanks Rox!


4 thoughts on “Photo tag

  1. Nice photo, and great memories of special people. My gran is also the head of the family, bless her.

    When I grow up, that’s how I want to be – a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Sweet 🙂 Lovely post, grandmas really are the best. It is funny how by that age they really do tend to be 100% honest and to the point, even if it hurts. I turn to mine when I need advice of any sort. I know she will have the wisdom and the honesty to be a good person to ask.

  3. Thanks Rox! Me too, I am glad I have had such a good role model!

    Thank you Brazen. It is a subject very dear to me!

    Thanks Medio! Sometimes I dont know how she handles all of us, but she is always there to offer advice!

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