Delicate Composition

sunshine3Quietly, Quietly now. Please just leave me in stony silence until this morning has past. Please refrain from small talk until I find my balance, my swing, until my coping mechanisms kick in to help me deal with this Monday. Another Monday.

It was a wonderful weekend. The heat, the brief and glorious thunderstorm cooling down the city on Saturday night. Spending a great deal of time submerged in water. Loving my new home for all its ease of use and convenience. Loved that on Saturday I was I joined by a French man, an American all taking relief in the tiny but sparkling pool in the heart of the city. Yesterday there was music, dancing…

I think I just need to fly below the radar today, somehow slip through the hours and try to blend into the walls!

To the girl walking to work, wearing one shoe, with the other in hand! I am sorry chicken – I feel your pain! Now that is a pretty shitty way to start a Monday!


8 thoughts on “Delicate Composition

  1. Po ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you kindly lady! But I have to admit the dreamy like quality probably comes from way too little sleep!

    Louisa – hehehe, my heart went out to that poor girl!

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