Seemingly random

Gosh. Busy, busy, busy! It is another beautiful day in Cape Town – I have nominated Wednesday as my most productive day. It is perfect really.  Tuesday night  has turned out to be a pretty good night to stay indoors!  The new Prison Break, followed by a delightful quirky series about vampires – True Blood, then followed by the always good Calafornication – simply: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll! Yoga after work on Tuesday puts me on a  fantastic high for the rest of night and allows me to shrug off the petty little things that irk for no good reason!

True Blood

A rather odd thing happened the other day – my very first school girl crush contacted me on FB. Now this was a man who made my face light up like a Christmas tree whenever he looked in my direction. He was a jock – Mr. popular, well liked by all the girls and guys. A flash of blond hair and startling blue eyes.  The mere thought that he took a liking to me, a very skinny, shy girl, was a dream come true. The stuff of  ‘Sweet Valley High” I still have all my diary entries; I recorded every single incident with this boy. Going to the movies – what I wore, what he wore. I would write word for word all the things he said to me. I still have his letters. Love letters. (I wonder if kids these days still send love letters – I hope so, there was nothing more exciting than receiving those folded up, light blue margined pages, filled with the scribbles of a teenage boy! I am assuming not…) I remember how annoyed my best friend got at the time, when I would phone her and scream into the phone, that he just called! I would plug in the phone cord extension and hide under the table, because God forbid my parents knew anything about what I was up to with an older boy! This infatuation lasted for a little over two years, between Primary school and High school, my innocent pre-goth stage. Now here he is, writing to me, filling me in on his last decade and do you know what – I actually felt myself blushing! How crazy is that??

I am constantly amazed at the way people drift in and out my life. Seemingly random and yet somehow so perfect. Someone reminding you of what you were and maybe still are; someone new, getting to know you; a new context with a fresh perspective.  It all somehow unravels perfectly!


9 thoughts on “Seemingly random

  1. Brazen – it was quite enjoyable – but then I am a sucker for stuff with a dark edge!
    Cool – I will find you! 😉

  2. i’m not into true blood – i’ve got s1 but after 3 episodes – it got bored – i’m just not a vampire kinda guy it would seem. but my tv went down last night need to do a trek to n1 city to get them to have a look at the black box.

    and just as we speak – a phone – reminder – about the 12th.

  3. Been hearing about True Blood, looks awesome.

    I had a similar crush reminder last year, or was it 2007, I forget. Anyway, this dude I had a crush on year back when I was just out of school (aka The Hottest Boy I’ve Ever Known) found me on Facebook. He even came to visit me when he was down from Joburg, and we kept up a nice little online flirtation for a while.

    I think that people come in into our lives during different phases, and often bring something fresh into the mix. Makes for interesting dynamics, I love how my group of connections are such a motley crue, for all stages of my life, from childhood to adulthood.

  4. For what it’s worth… I wrote (yes, with a pen, on paper) a love letter the other day, and received one (in coloured marker, yes!) just yesterday.

    Maybe the two of us are just stuck in the 80s… 🙂

  5. 302 I hope your TV is all mended! That must have been a rather annoying inconvenience! My phone also happily beeped a reminder first thing this morning! Alas we are doomed to wait in anticipation for the unveiling of the Patron counterfeit!

    Rox, there was a time I closed myself off to most people. I didn’t want to know anything about anyone, especially from my past. It has only been recently that I am able to reconnect without feeling weird or shy! It has been really rewarding!

    Cool Louisa – I am definitely going to look forward to Tuesdays now!

    Oh bless your socks Martin – a Man who still writes love letters! *sigh*

  6. Now. As a person who knows you in the flesh. This post is oh so intriguing. There was a girl once, who’s seemingly coy ways combined with an underlying thirst to suck the marrow from life, intrigued me. You could even say that I was infatuated with her, at times. So much so, that I would drive her all the way to town (in JHB this can be far) and then bring her home. Only to wait for her to sneak out of the house so that we could drive all the way back to town. Late one night I even stopped my cherrished little blue ‘volle’ on the side of the road, not to kiss her, but following her suggestion that she drive. We could not have driven more than 50 meters before we crashed. But, under the spell of intrigue, the damage was worth the attempt to please her…

  7. LOL Jason, I completly forgot about that! The guilt is back with a vengence! You should never have let me drive! I was so terrible… but we had some pretty impressive nights exploring the big bad city!

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