Lovely was the Frenchman who shared the lift with me this morning – the air was alive with unspoken words! Lovely is,  I was wearing my favourite work dress. Lovely is, arriving at work with a smile on my face! Lovely is this post about Valentine’s Day. Lovely is,  the dreaded VD shall be celebrated in style. The how and where is merely peripheral! What is decidedly not lovely, is this sudden case of blushing at the drop of a hat, which seems to have come back to torture me once again!

What is really lovely, is that this Valentine’s Day – I won’t feel like this again!

It is almost the weekend. One more grueling day to go – I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Lovely

  1. What a great way to start the morning!

    I think we’re going to rock VD in a big way, you can wear those leopard print heels and I can wear my gladiator ones, and we can wear kickass dresses and drink patron and flirt with as many hot boys as we possibly want… it will be great!

    I promise, your days of crappy Valentine’s Days with crappy men have ended – this one will be a crazy party one, but next one will be spent with someone awesome and worthy of you, and it will make the other ones all worth the wait.

    Believe it chick!!

  2. Heehee Rox! I am so loving the idea of wearing leopard print heels – they are sooo beautiful! I don’t even want to take them down from their prized position above my TV! Looking forward to it – bring on the black roses!

  3. And I love my gladiator ones – was a good swop!

    Black roses, awesome! I think I need a black dress… but red will do at a push if damn client doesn’t pay up tomorrow!

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