Just two girls


I have really been stretched to the limit this week. It has been non stop and the end is not yet in sight. There was dinner with the man, which was emotional but also very good. I love that he just gets me and I am sure he will always be important in my life. There was the girls night out at the V&A. There was a lovely dinner at the very classy Sevruga – a platter of beautiful sushi and a bottle of the always reliable Rupert and Rothschild!

Then there was my most significant and no doubt life changing reunion with my very first best friend. This girl was the sister I never had. We started liking boys together, went on our first Ice Skating dates together, experimented with makeup and had countless slumber parties. She had the New Kids on the Block poster while I had Bros!  We also watched our very first horror movie together – IT – Stephen King. We spoke about that last night, we remember everything vividly and share a fear of clowns that I doubt will ever fade!

I loved seeing this much loved childhood friend as a gorgeous and exotic Greek woman! As kids I was the bossy one, the leader and instigator of all our mischief and grand plans and she was my sidekick – how things have changed! Last night I looked at my old friend on the dance floor, surrounded by what I can only describe as Greek Gods (Dark hair, built like a dream, olive skin, piercing blue eyes, apparently they are a dime a dozen in Greece!) and marveled at her free spirit, her confidence and her innocence. She was taken out of Joburg when we were still young and was kept sheltered from some of the harsher sides of being a teenager,  that I was left to deal with. She has travelled and shopped all over the world, almost got married, fallen in and out of love many times. I am so very happy to reunite with her again and who knows a little trip to Greece might just be in the near future!

Gosh this city living is proving to be quite demanding…


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