Seriously; it is Wednesday already? How did that happen?

Normally it would be a good thing, only that this week my parents are here and I love their company. They have brought a bit of reality back into my life. Made me acknowledge how different things are since they saw me last and I am happy to say – they are pleased with the changes.

I too am feeling pretty chuffed with my state of affairs. Never one for moderation, I will not regret charging into this new life like an exploding canon, but it is good to have some grounding influences every now and then.

Before I fell asleep last night I realized what is really lacking right now: It is stimulation. I am totally craving a good book, a good play or even a good movie. I kind of miss the conversations I used to have with my man about politics, history, science, all things of no and every importance.

Every time I contemplate buying a book, I can’t help but glace at the larger than life unwrapped parcel of UNISA textbooks. I know I need to start studying, get cracking with assignments – but hell the stimulation I so desire, is definitely not going to be found in economics!

Pay day is just around the corner – maybe my boredom will be somewhat satiated by a new pair of shoes, or perhaps a day at the spa…


7 thoughts on “Lacklustre

  1. hehe Brazen – no worries, I have had many evil spelling days!

    Arg – I just cant believe it is time to start studying again! What are you writing?

  2. what am i writng?


    i’m writing email and you?

    give it time to get into a groove, the next few months will probably see more of that type of social mental stimulation, the weather will lend itself to sitting around and eating and drinking and talkin lotsa sh#t.

  3. Just a tip, a book takes up waaaay more (guilty) time than a movie so maybe go for the quick, cheap thrill? And then I can with you, yay. Dying to see slumdog, just read the book today! Wanna borrow it? Quick and effortless, too cute.

  4. Thats the problem 302! I am in too much of a groove 😉

    Reframe – sounds like a plan! I am dying to see the movie and yes would love to borrow the book, I am in dire need of reading material!

    Po – Yay – looking forward to it!

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