The Morning iPod situation

Objective: Drown out the sounds of Monday.

I started with;

  • Girl, you’ll be a woman soon-Urge Overkill. Images of Pulp Fiction may possibly put me into a bit of a psychopathic mood, not a good idea for business relations.
  • Waiting for the worms – Pink Floyd. It is getting better.
  • One reason – Tracey Chapman, very good stuff here.
  • The Ship Song – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Exquisitely beautiful, made my skin cold on this misty morning.

…………………We make a little history, baby

Every time you come around

Come loose your dogs upon me

And let your hair hang down

You are a little mystery to me

Every time you come around ……………………..

  • Babe I’m gonna Leave you – Led Zeppelin.  Volume adjustment. Please don’t let anyone speak to me for the duration of this song…

I know, I never leave you, baby.

But I got to go away from this place, Ive got to quit you.

Ooh, baby,

Baby, ooh dont you hear it callin?

Woman, woman,[ this is my favourite part] I know, I know its good to have you back again

And I know that one day baby, its really gonna grow, yes it is.

We gonna go walkin through the park every day………….

  • Closer – Nine Inch Nails. Whoa not a good idea – way too sexy…
  • Back Door Man – The Doors. Very cool, very jazzy.
  • Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve. We have a winner:  I will survive today!

You’re a slave to the money then you die….lah lah lah lah….

Such a pretty poet!
Such a pretty poet!

6 thoughts on “The Morning iPod situation

  1. Ooh you are into some cool heavy stuff. It is terrible, I have gone all indie in my old age!

    I am still working on your questions.

  2. lol – in your old age 😉
    Sometimes Po – only the heavy stuff helps!
    No worries, take your time!!

  3. Hahaha, that sounds so much like my zone out playlist it’s insane!!

    Except my Nick Cave is Let Love In, and my NIN is Hurt. Oh and my Tracy Chapman is Smoke and Ashes (such a beautiful song, sjoe)

    As for the Backdoor Man classic… man that is a kickass song!

    And Led Zep is foolproof zen-busting music, foolproof!!!

  4. DT I cannot find your email on here. So I shall post the questions here.

    What did you dream of being when you were small?

    Did you get along with your parents then? Do you now?

    You say you started an honours in, was it theory of literature? Why did you not finish? Would you like to? You write so beautifully.

    What was your best holiday ever?

    I really want to ask, what do you look like, but perhaps I should rather ask, How does it feel to be living alone?


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