Po on my Page!

South Africa’s very own Spindrifting Sea Monkey has asked me a couple of questions. The lovely Po’s interview with me below!

What did you dream of being when you were small?

ballet_shoesI wanted to be a ballet dancer. My Aunt in Scotland went to see a psychic when I was about nine years old, she had a vision of a girl across the sea’s with auburn hair who would be a dancer on a stage in London, in her vision this girl was her brothers daughter – me of course. I carried on with ballet then modern dancing into my high school years – then I turned rebel and wanted to be a rogue journalist! I still have my ballet shoes, pink satin leotard and tutu and I still walk like a duck!

Did you get along with your parents then? Do you now?

In my teenage years I think my parents secretly hated me. I was an awful, rebellious, stubborn and bad tempered child. As I got older and calmed down, my eccentricities became something they were proud of and they started to respect my independent nature. I love them and respect them dearly and suffer huge amounts of guilt and regret for my behaviour in the past. I was the first born and had a young Mother who had no idea how to handle such a wayward daughter. We get on really well now, my Mom is my best friend and my father is my greatest supporter. I am very fortunate and blessed to have parents with so much integrity.

 You say you started an honours in, was it theory of literature? Why did you not finish? Would you like to? You write so beautifully.

Thank you Po! You have no idea how much that means to me!!

After getting my BA degree I started my Honours in English at RAU. I really loved studying English as a major and I loved how so much of what I learned in English, overlapped with History, Psychology and Philosophy. I loved every recommended book and spent hours in the varsity library researching authors and poets. I especially thrived on subversive and feminist writings. I found RAU to be somewhat stiff in their approach to teaching English. They seemed to have a pretty clear stance on how they wanted you to write an essay and what view point you should have on the various topics.  Sadly I got bored, my year at RAU was also in the way of my overseas trip and so I never finished! I also started my Psychology honours through UNISA but I failed again to complete the year. Biggest regret of my life not completing English – I need to make a plan to rectify this one day!

 What was your best holiday ever?

Strangely nothing exotic – I thought maybe Scotland or London, but my best holiday was actually with the Man, in Umhlanga. It was still icy cold in Joburg and Durban was beautifully warm. We stayed in a penthouse apartment on the top floor. Every morning I watched the sun come up and tanned topless on our balcony overlooking the sea. There was just something magical about that holiday. I remember being gloriously tanned and feeling utterly relaxed!

I really want to ask, what do you look like, but perhaps I should rather ask, How does it feel to be living alone?

 Hehe – I will answer both!

I think i am kinda odd looking. On one hand it is a good thing because people seldom forget my face, but I am by no means a classic model type chic. My mother is Lebanese and my father is Scottish so I have fortune in that I have quite dark features, but then I have the pale British skin tone – which is perhaps why I look somewhat unusual. Dark, unruly hair which I have a love hate relationship with and hips I wish were smaller!

Living on my own – Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Thank you Po – bet you got more than you bargained for!!

 If anyone else would like to answer a couple of thought provoking questions, I too would be happy to oblige!


11 thoughts on “Po on my Page!

  1. Wow, awesome, thanks for asking all the questions. So you wanted to be a ballerina? I am the opposite, now I wish I had done ballet.

    I am in the middle of a BA at UNISA but I am taking the year out, I hope I can persuade myself to finish it sometime. It is really cool stuff.

    I really enjoyed reading this, especially the part about your parents. I was a similar difficult child and now I feel bad that I was so tough on them.

  2. More than a pleasure Po! Yup I wanted to be a ballerina. I know not very original at all!
    My BA was very interesting, sadly not very practical. I may just be someone who never stops studying, it is like an addiction!
    Hopefully one day, we will both be able to forgive ourselves for the hurt inflicted on our parents or maybe we will understand when / if we have our own kids someday?

  3. I can totally see you as a ballerina actually!

    And I have to make a correction here Po, she’s talking kak about being weird looking – she’s a stunning chick with great features!!

  4. wow!!

    Hi every1! my name is “JELZI” and i am 12! i have been dancing 4 only 8 years and i just wanted 2 knw if any of you guyz have any tipz or pointers 4 me!!???
    o ja i dance ballet and modern!!

    thx alot!!
    JG :):):):)

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