Not even a whisper of wind


Gosh this heat is quite intense today! My heart goes out to all the delicious fireman out there, working in this heat. My heart also goes out to my old hometown. The Winelands have suffered terribly, especially the gracefully beautiful Vergelegen and Lourensford wine estate. I have heard unofficially through the ‘Grapevine’ that Lourensford has lost their entire crop! What makes matters even worse is that it is during harvest. The culmination of a year’s hard work, cropping, watering, feeding and nurturing your vines, up in smoke! This is also the best time to take a visit to the farms and watch the process; bunches of beautiful purple grapes beginning their journey. Now this is something I am missing. The wine talk, the excitement of this time of year. The gossip, talks of workers running amok in the cellar, drinking from the tanks, sometimes falling in the tanks if it is a traditional estate with large concrete troughs. Then which estate managed to finish earlier than the others. I loved leaning over those tanks, the smell of grapes. I loved being able to taste the difference between Cabernet and Shiraz in their crudest form. Then placed into the barrels. Fresh French oak – first filled for maximum aging potential! Okay that is it, I am going for a visit to the Winelands this weekend! I miss those grapes!

It was cool to get together with Rox after work yesterday. Even sitting outside the heat was intense but so very purrrfect for cocktails! My new favourite pastime is getting home, sitting on my balcony with a whiskey in hand and watching the drama of the city unfold before my eyes! It is way better than TV and I love how the quietness of the night amplifies sounds no one would normally hear. The rustle of a plastic bag as it floats down the streets, someone’s footsteps quickening to reach the safety of their cars. I am also fortunate enough to have a good view of a park. I am fascinated by how some people just sit perfectly still on a park bench for hours at a time. When there are two of them I imagine they are a couple, very much in love, meeting secretly, happy to just be in each other’s company. Of course I am not totally naive, there is an extreme possibility that something sinister may be occurring before my very eyes, but what the hell, sometimes I like to stay in my fantasy world!


7 thoughts on “Not even a whisper of wind

  1. Wow. I have never been to a wine fame. It sounds so fascinating. I have however worked on a few fruit farms in the UK. It was fun!

  2. i was actually talking about over lunch time, that the next few months are my favourite time to get into the winelands.

    and pressing a whiskey tumbler with a couple of melted ice blocks in to my forehead is the one thing that i miss the most at the end of the working day.

    it’s too damn hot today, hopefully it cools later once the sun slips away behind the mountain. i should go swim at the pool later.

  3. Po – it is so interesting to see the other side of wine – the rural side. Everything gritty before going into a pretty bottle!

    302 – It was lovely living there at this time, going to the different tasting rooms and then not really worrying about the distance back home but I am sure I will enjoy a day visit just as much.

    The pool is were I am headed right now…

  4. I can’t believe how hot it is down there at the moment – people up here are starting to come into the office wearing jerseys! I like that you think the best and not the worst of the people you see from your balcony. 🙂

  5. I also like that, it’s a good way to go through life and way better than being a cynical moo like me! I on the other hand have morbid thoughts about shady deals and freakshows, can’t help it. 😉

    Last night was fun, was already so hot then – but today is just insane! I was in an airconditioned office, and walking home at 5pm was hectique… really feels like a sauna out, kinda cool in a weird way.

  6. Louisa – even imagining putting on a jersey right now makes me week! But remember our winter is long and we will be the ones wearing jerseys as you start taking your first swims of summer! In so many ways I just don’t want to complain – I will take summer over winter any day!

    Rox – Thank the heavens for air con. The heat is almost bizarre! Lol crazy morbid thoughts and freak shows…time to get that stuff down in a book my friend!

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