Adapt, adjust, enjoy!

Why do it? Why put out your winter range in 38 degrees. When we are all melting and the skimpiest of clothing lies heavy on our bodies. I don’t want to see a long sleeved hoodie let alone try it on. I am really not interested that tartan is going to be the next big thing this winter. The only tartan I want to see is on a bikini! Gosh that would be really cool actually. A tartan bikini with buckle detail. Oh I wish I knew how to make clothes…

I do yoga in a heated studio. Bikram yoga is commonly practised in a heated studio. The heat helps your body to relax, lubricates the joints so to speak.  At its minimum it is heated to 38 degrees. Cape Town is a Bikram yoga studio. It is a good time to do some stretches on the pavement.

 It is Friday! It is a sizzling sexy Friday!


11 thoughts on “Adapt, adjust, enjoy!

  1. This actually the best time to buy winter clothes, the nice stuff you see now you’ll probably not get to see in season but it does require a mental shift to do it.

    the problem i think that shops have now that they’ve changed their ranges is that people won’t buy anymore summer stuff because they know what’s around the corner.

    and i must go and check up on the model flat balcony of yoga.

    This heat hey, what for a gently cool sea breeze then it’d be delightfully perfect.

  2. 302 I will bear that in mind! Maybe next week. I know I have to get boots soon. I always keep that too late. It just depresses me thinking about it! I am really going to miss these hot summer nights!

    Tay – The feeling I get is very similar to those feelings of angst in high school, the morning we were told have to start wearing our winter uniforms! Urg

  3. I don’t know about forever… I would never get to wear my boots!

    haha lucky for you Blade, you probably won’t find a cold ass pool today! 😉

  4. That is a definite downside Kyknoord! Stupidity does seem to reign supreme in such heat – and equal to the rise of stupidity, is my limited patience!

  5. Champers – your comment went missing for a while! Yes sadly rumored to be tartan once again – I don’t know, maybe this year I will take the plunge! 🙂
    Gosh sad to think how hot it was when I wrote this post…

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